How we told the story of open finance with Finastra

How we told the story of open finance with Finastra

The Challenge

To demonstrate how Open Finance is impacting lives all over the world, unlocking the potential of people and businesses globally. To do this, Finastra wanted to showcase a series of untold human-led stories to accentuate how technology, innovation and collaboration are helping people all around the world to thrive, looking beyond the technicalities of Finastra’s software.

The Idea

We selected five global locations, to tell five unforgettable stories, through five cinematic docu-style films. It was important for Brave Spark to work closely with Finastra to first understand the intricacies of the software itself. In doing so, it meant that the creative minds at Brave Spark had to collaborate in perfect synergy with the technical minds at Finastra to tell these stories accurately and imaginatively. After lots of research, the film narratives were defined in collaboration with the Finastra team and the journey to uncover each story began. Brave Spark embarked on a journey across Vietnam, India, America, France and Switzerland, landing back in London for the final film.

The Results

Digital performance was above industry average with a +60% VTR across all films a few weeks after launch.